About Us


We recognize the importance of recovering in an environment where the patient is familiar and comfortable. After all, there’s really no place like home. Our services are fitted and designed to be effective in a home environment. You do not have to take your loved one far and outside your door to get the special kind of services you require.

Aside from the efficient health information we use in taking care of our patients, Aloha Home Health has a team of dedicated allied medical professionals. With their help, your loved one will be taken extra special care of. They are licensed, registered and have been screened for a number of times to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our agency is built on passion and desire to take care of other people. We give importance to people who are in need of our help. And we appreciate your family’s trust in availing of our services. Aloha Home Health will always be driven to give our patient’s quality assistance.

Mission Statement

Aloha Home Health is a family of health care professionals who are inspired by the “aloha” spirit; caring, family-oriented and sincere. We believe that all patients regardless of background or origin deserve the highest quality of home health care services. We also believe that consideration of the patient’s language and culture are vital components of the patient’s overall welfare. Knowledge of the patient’s way of life and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with their families are essential skills for the health care provider. Aloha Home Health treats our patients as family with pride and dignity. We advocate patient’s rights and respect. We are geared towards one direction, with the “aloha” spirit guiding us, and with dedication and loyalty to our work at all times.

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